No Sink Heels

Sinking into the grass in your heels is never a good look so No Sink Heels were developed so you won't.

In 2008 the No Sink Heels heel stoppers concept was developed and the designing began.

There was a lot of trial and error involved in perfecting the design and durability of the product. The first step was working out the perfect diameter for the heel stoppers – then to the more technical aspect of finding the right mix of plastic to bond the components and maintain durability. The heel stoppers also had to be able to support varying weights so a robust male was coerced into a pair of heels and tested the stoppers to ensure that they would not split or break under pressure.

A prototype was finally presented to the University of Auckland for testing and No Sink Heels were launched to the market in 2010.

  • No Sink Heels are made in New Zealand
  • No Sink Heels will revolutionize your high heel experience - no more sinking, discomfort or damaged flooring
  • No Sink Heels are specially designed to slide easily onto the end of your high heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass, soft ground or cobbles at weddings, races, concerts and other outdoor events
  • No Sink Heels also provide protection for wooden floors - minimizing dents and scratches
  • No Sink Heels protect your heels against dirt and general wear and tear
  • No Sink Heels are discreet, reusable and available in varying sizes in either clear or black
No Sink Heels, 173 Meadowbank Road, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072, Ph: 021 277 4039