Want even more comfort in your heels? Shoe Accessories October 08 2015

No Sink Heels are excited about the introduction of a range of tried and tested shoe accessories to compliment the current heel stopper collection.

Whether it be gel cushion spots or non-slip sole stoppers, there is something for every type of shoe aches and discomfort. Take a read for yourself and get prepped for your next “heel wearing” occasion.

Mini insoles – Both compact and discreet, these mini silicone gel insoles stop your feet from sliding forward in your shoes especially perfect for sandals. If you have this problem, then you will know just what lifesavers these will be. Click here for more.

Mini Gel Cushion Spots – Never again will you need to think that sore spots and heels go hand and hand. Magic away those ouchies with these awesome gel cushion spots. Perfect for wearing in peep toe shoes to cushion the toes or pop one in the heel to stop rubs. Keep a pack in your handbag for those emergencies. Click here for more.

Gel Arch Supports – Many people struggle with adequate arch support in dress shoes. These little gems are well worth getting as they are comfortable, discreet, washable and reusable. Click here for more.


Non-slip Sole Stoppers – Walk with confidence and forget about skidding or slipping in your heels. These are a must for every pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Click here for more.

Silicone Gel Strap – If you have ever wished for something discreet to slip around your shoe to stop it slipping off at your heel, then look no further. It is surprising how many brides are worried about stepping out of their shoes especially during that all important first dance. These invisible gel straps hidden under the dress are the perfect solution. Click here for more.