What are No Sink Heels?

Sinking into the grass is not a good look in your gorgeous heels – never fear, No Sink Heels are designed to prevent this very problem.

The technical aspect and design is paramount to the success of No Sink HeelsWith over three years of research and development the final product accommodates varying weights, sizes, heel dimensions and other external factors.  The result being that No Sink Heels will revolutionise your high heel experience.

  • No Sink Heels are made in New Zealand
  • No Sink Heels slide easily onto the ends of your high heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass, soft ground, cobblestones and to protect precious wooden floors
  • No Sink Heels protect your heels against dirt and wear and tear
  • No Sink Heels are 100% reusable
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate a range of heel sizes and styles
  • Available in black or clear
No Sink Heels are ideal for weddings, races, concerts, formal beach occasions, polo, cocktail parties and other outdoor events. They are also ideal for groups; wedding parties, party guests or work functions, as a thoughtful gift to stop that sinking feeling.